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Asbestos and Mould Removal

One of the King of all Clean, services we provide at Jani-King is asbestos and mould removal. Jani King works in conjunction with professionally-trained asbestos and mould removers who possess the skills to perform these tasks safely, minimising risks to your work environment. We’ll visit your site for an assessment, identify the issue, measure and quantify the risk, and discuss your removal options with you. We’ll provide our professional recommendation and an obligation-free quote to help you get started.

If you decide to proceed, we’ll remove the asbestos or mould and remediate the site to make it safe and fully operational. When you work with Jani-King, you’ll always get top-quality asbestos and mould removal in addition to the other trusted services we offer.

Asbestos removal

When we remove asbestos, we carry out all tasks in compliance with Safe Work Australia guidelines and all relevant territory and state regulations. There are two types of materials that contain asbestos: friable and non-friable materials.

“Friable” means soft or crumbly and refers to materials such as powders that can be crumbled or reduced to powder easily when dry. These types of materials pose the greatest health risk, as they may release significant levels of asbestos into the air when disturbed. Friable materials are likely to be found in vinyl sheeting, low-density ceiling linings and board walls, pipe lagging, asbestos dust and debris, flame-retardant products, roof insulation, and contaminated soil.

“Non-friable” means solid or rigid and refers to materials containing asbestos that aren’t soft or crumbly and are reinforced with a bonding compound. Materials such as these are not likely to release significant amounts of asbestos fibre into the air if they remain undisturbed. They pose a lower health risk than friable materials. Examples of non-friable asbestos-containing materials we can remove include asbestos fencing; vinyl floor tiles; asbestos fibre cement ceilings and wall sheeting; asbestos water pipes, downpipes, and gutters; and caulking and window putty that contains asbestos.

Mould removal

The presence of mould in your building is dangerous because mould is harmful to people, and certain types of mould can lead to serious health issues. These issues include allergies, sore throats, asthma and other respiratory problems, rashes, lung infections, and cancer.

Our partners can remove mould quickly and safely to restore safe working or living conditions on your property. We’ll inspect the area and identify any mould present first; if we find mould, we can begin a removal and prevention process designed to keep your building as healthy and safe as possible. We’ll look for causes of moisture in the space, such as leaking pipes or ceilings, to correct so the mould won’t return once removed. Then, we’ll remove the mould using the latest technology and most effective methods, leaving your property clean, dry, and free from the original cause of the mould.

If you suspect that you have asbestos or mould on your property that you need to deal with, contact Jani-King today. If you are an existing Jani-King customer, we can add this service to your current contract, maintaining your one convenient point of contact and making the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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