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Becoming a Jani-King Franchisee Is Easier Than Ever

We believe that good training is key when it comes to running a successful franchise. That’s why we’ve changed the way we provide training for our new franchisees. We have over 25 years’ commercial cleaning franchise experience, and we pride ourselves in staying on top of industry trends and changes. Now, our franchisees learn the ropes via a leading-edge, online training program that’s readily accessible whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Recently, we invested in new training methods to make training easier and more effective for our franchisees. Complete our new online training program in your home or any other place you’re comfortable and have Internet access, any time of day. The material is broken into individual lessons, too, so that you can complete one section at a time or all sections in one sitting – it’s up to you. You can also re-watch any lesson you want using our searchable catalogue of Franchisee documents, Quick Reference Guides, and training videos.

Our new training is interactive with relatable characters to help you visualize yourself in common situations and learn from others’ experience. Furthermore, because we’re aware that English may not be your first language, we offer a user interface that recognizes your browser language and makes navigating the training system much easier.

The total time it takes to complete the full training course is approximately five to 10 hours. However, you are free to break this into chunks to make it as convenient as possible for you. Franchisees are no longer required to come into the office for training; complete the training at the time and place that works best for you. However, we still proved the same level of assistance and support and are happy to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.

We’re excited about our new training program, and we hope it will make the decision the become a Jani-King franchisee easier than ever.

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