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Cleaning & Disinfecting your Office

Reopening Tips for Cleaning & disinfecting High Frequency Touch Points in Your Office.

General Areas

Doors: frames & handles
Elevator: cars & buttons
Filing cabinets: drawers & handles
Phones: handles & buttons/ touchscreens
Printer: paper trays & touchscreens
Light Switches
Stairway: doorhandles & railings
Office stationary: hole punches, scissors, tape dispensers, staplers


Desk: Drawers & desk top
Chair: Backs and armrests
Computer: Keyboards, mice, monitors, on/off switch


Chairs & Tables


Desk: Counters
Clipboard & pen
Computer Equipment

Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas is critical for better protecting your staff and customers. Just as you make it a priority to wash hands, move high-touch point disinfecting up on your list of best practices for a safer, healthier work-environment.

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