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Cleaning Schools, Kindergartens, Childcare Centres & Uni’s

Jani-King Australia Professional School Cleaners

Gone are the days of the onsite school janitor. As childcare, schools and universities moved into the 21st century, they realised the importance of partnering with a professional cleaning company like Jani-King.

Outsourcing your school cleaning needs ensures a spotless, safe, hygienic learning environment.

Cleaning learning spaces requires specialised skills and resources. Our company invests in world-class training and has earned its reputation as Australia’s leading school cleaning contractor.

With hundreds, even thousands of students constantly in hallways, classrooms, lunchrooms, cafeterias, sporting arenas and toilet blocks, it is vital that cleaning services are carried out to the highest, most hygienic standard.

A clean environment to conduct their studies and recreational activities is essential for students. Sickness can spread rapidly without the right school cleaning regime.

Child care centres must care for a variety of children whose immune defences may be compromised. Keeping children healthier by preventing norovirus infection leads to better facility efficiency.  At Jani-King, effective cleaning is paramount in preventing the spread of germs that can cause infections in childcare centres.

By providing spotless grounds to learn, study and play, Jani-King is servicing the stars of tomorrow.

Jani-King has a long history in school cleaning with humble beginnings as a janitorial cleaner. Our company’s founder began as a janitor at a U.S. school and realised his vision to create a multi-national company with thousands of commercial cleaning franchises.

Today, we might be a global brand with 50+ years success, but our company still holds the same values of hard work and performance. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure the utmost cleanliness of your school or university.

With more school and university campuses asking for greener cleaning, we’ve responded with environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques that reduce the environmental footprint.

We’ve tailored our business systems for maximum efficiency to ensure the seamless communication and billing, catering to multi-site locations in one simple account process.

Regular, ongoing QA inspections and 24/7 operational support ensure the highest standards are consistently met.

Request a free consultation via the form below or contact us. A dedicated Business Development Manager will take the time to understand your cleaning needs and provide a tailored cleaning solution for your childcare centre, kindergarten, school, university or RTO.

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