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Cleaning Medical Clinics, Hospitals & Laboratories

Jani-King Specialised Healthcare Cleaning Services

Comprehensive healthcare cleaning is paramount for any facility that provides medical care. For lab cleaning, hospital cleaning, aged care cleaning and medical clinic cleaning, you’ll need a commercial healthcare cleaner you can trust.

Jani-King understands stringent government regulations and how to ensure patients and staff are protected from infectious diseases. The most hygienic, hospital grade clean available, our healthcare cleaning services exceed healthcare cleaning standards, ensuring your facility meets patient expectations as well as health department codes.

Our company stays up to date on all best practices in medical cleaning, and maintains the most up to date technology, equipment, chemicals and supplies. We regularly review cleaning and disinfecting processes to ensure Jani-King continues to exceed our cleaning contract obligations and infection control standards for our clients.

Jani-King’s Healthcare Cleaning program has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare which is used as the standard to which each State Government and healthcare facility derive specific controls based upon the services provided.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated team of highly trained healthcare cleaning professionals who understand the critical nature of proper disinfection. Our healthcare cleaners specialise in cleaning for hospitals, outpatient facilities, medical clinics, surgeries, nursing homes and medical laboratories. We adhere to industry best practice promoted by organisations including National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Department of Health and Ageing, State Government Health Departments Australia-wide along with Industry Groups and Representative Bodies.

Regular ongoing QA inspections ensure that all work carried out by our healthcare cleaners consistently maintains the high standards we know you expect.

To find out more about our healthcare cleaning services, use the form below or contact us. One of our friendly consultants will arrange a free consultation to discuss your facility and cleaning needs.

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