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Handyman Services

Another great way Jani-King can serve you is through our handyman services. Any business is bound to encounter the occasional property maintenance problem. Whether you experience clogged toilets or malfunctioning electrical wires, our handyman services can help.

Most business owners are too busy to take care of the repairs that inevitably come up from time to time. Constant repair tasks would not only be a waste of your time but a drain on your resources as well. Hiring handyman services will allow you to skip the time and effort you would otherwise expend carrying out the repairs yourself.

Handyman services typically include plumbing issues, carpentry, tile repair, remodelling projects, shelving, soundproofing, stain removal, pool maintenance, pest control, drywall installation, fireplace cleaning, flooring installation, paint removal, gutter repair, septic system repair, and much more. Here’s why your business needs someone on call to handle these types of issues.

To give you a break

You work hard enough managing your business. Having to complete repairs and maintenance tasks on your own or managing multiple trades will only take away from the time you have to work on improving your business or attracting new customers. With a handyman team at the ready, all you have to do is point out the things that need replacement or repair and wait for your trusted handyman partner to complete the job. It’s that simple.

To avoid having to hire multiple contractors

At Jani-King, we have relationships with a range of professionals who can complete any task around your property–but you maintain just one point of contact: us. There’s no need to keep track of various invoices or multiple contacts; just let us know what you need. Our handyman services include a variety of projects from unclogging drains and caulking windows to installing fixtures and painting inside or out. With a handyman on call who can do so many different jobs, you’ll never have to worry about separately hiring and paying multiple professionals again.

To keep your business looking its best

Using professional handyman services will keep your business looking great day after day. A handyman can perform a wide variety of jobs to help you achieve the look and feel you want in your facility. Whether you notice a broken faucet or chipping paint on a wall, your handyman can complete the job perfectly without damaging any nearby objects. Once the job is finished, everything will be in proper working order and looking great.

To take advantage of professional advice

Because a handyman is knowledgeable about many different areas, you may receive advice on things that need to be repaired or replaced that you hadn’t noticed. For example, your handyman can tell you whether your pipes need unclogging or replacing. This service helps you avoid unexpected issues and keep your business running without disruptions.

With locations in 14 countries and thousands of franchisees, Jani-King is the largest commercial cleaning franchisor in the world. We take pride in delivering superior services to our customers in a wide range of industries. If you need handyman services or any of the other services we offer, contact us today.

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