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The Importance of Industrial Cleaning Services

Typically, when people think of commercial cleaning services, they think of office buildings or other commercial operations. While these types of businesses are the target market for many cleaning companies, they are not the only businesses that can benefit from thorough cleaning services. On the contrary, consistent and regular cleaning services are just as crucial for industrial buildings—from warehouses to factories and plants.

Certainly, some things separate commercial and industrial headquarters. An office building, for instance, often needs to be clean and pristine to welcome clients, customers, partners or shareholders. A factory, meanwhile, is much less likely to see traffic from anyone other than employees. Making a good impression, therefore, is less critical—hence the reduced focus on industrial cleaning.

It’s important to recognise here that the core purpose of systematic cleaning is not to serve visitors. Instead, cleaning is essential first and foremost because it helps keep your employees safe.

Every business must provide a safe place for employees to work. National and State WHS regulations require that companies meet certain standards for occupational health and safety. These rules do not just apply to commercial operations, but industrial companies as well. While there are many different factors involved in WHS compliance, from staff training to workplace safety policies, cleaning is undeniably part of the equation.

At Jani-King, we offer industrial cleaning services via our 600-plus franchise locations throughout Australia. These services cover every part of your facility, including offices, restrooms, breakrooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, loading docks, workspaces and other high-traffic areas or high-touch services. By cleaning your facility thoroughly, we can increase the hygiene of your premises and protect your employees from preventable illness, injury or infection. Keeping employees healthier not only helps with WHS requirements but also minimises sick days and maximises on-the-floor productivity for your team.

No business environment is immune to the spread of bacteria or the build-up of dirt. At Jani-King, our teams are experienced and well-trained in how to clean any industrial workspace. We can even coordinate with you to make sure that we include hazardous work areas in the cleaning equation. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial cleaning services.

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