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Jani-King Australia – COVID-19 Update 23/03/2020

Jani-King are responding to the COVID-19 (‘Coronavirus’) outbreak with the urgency you would expect from an expert in cleaning services. We recognise that the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have resulted in an unprecedented demand and requirement for quality commercial cleaning and are taking all measures to provide our clients and others with the most up to date cleaning methods, increased frequencies of cleaning and timely response to emergencies.

Jani-King and our experienced network of Franchisees have been consistently delivering the highest cleaning standards within Australia for over 25 years. We will continue to do our utmost to respond to your specific cleaning needs during this unprecedented time.

In direct response to COVID-19, Jani-King have communicated all health and safety recommendations and updated training to our Staff, Franchisees and Contractors to ensure all parties are working together to assist in preventing the spread of infection.

Jani-King can recommend the most suitable cleaning methods for your business at this time. As an overview, our preventative and curative infection control treatments available to support and protect our clients during this pandemic are:


Dry-Mist Virucidal Treatment – Curative Service

Recommended if you have a confirmed COVID-19 case on your site

Through innovative technology and the latest equipment Jani-King have the ability to administer an enhanced Dry-Mist Virucidal Treatment specifically designed to effectively destroy 99.9% of harmful viruses, bacteria, fungus, mould and yeast from the workplace.

The treatment sanitises the air and all surfaces leaving the entire area disinfected, clean and dry without any residue. The safe biodegradable chemical can be applied to any indoor facility such as commercial offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, childcare centres, industrial sites, gyms, retail stores and retirement homes.

The Dry-Mist Virucidal Treatment combined with a Pandemic Clean (Deep Clean) is your ultimate response to a COVID-19 confirmed case on your site. We want to help you get up and running again as soon as possible.

Call your local Jani-King Regional Office (see contact numbers at the end of this update) to book your obligation free quote and treatment today. Please note, unfortunately at this time this service is not available in Northern Territory or Tasmania.


Pandemic Clean – Detailed Disinfection Service

Also known as a Deep Clean or SDS, this service is recommended if you have had a suspected COVID-19 case on your site. This service should also be provided with Virucidal Treatment (Curative Service) if you have had a confirmed COVID-19 case on your site.

Services include:

  • Disinfect all bathroom; surfaces, toilets, urinals, sinks, floors, mirrors, corners, doors, door handles, dispensers, walls, ledges,
  • Disinfect all fans and vents
  • Disinfect all surfaces, tables, light switches, door handles, walls, toys, telephone handsets, computer screens and keyboards
  • Disinfect all skirting boards Disinfect all furniture, shelving, bookcases, desks (lifting objects and replacing where necessary)
  • Kitchen cleaning: floors, surfaces, ovens, kitchen exhausts and stove tops, fridges
  • Disinfect all bins and replace with bin liners
  • Inside drawers wipe clean (removing and replacing items).

Call your local Jani-King Regional Office (see contact numbers at the end of this update) to book your obligation free quote and treatment today.


Additional Cleaning – Preventative Service

Recommended for all sites as a preventative measure. Use this service to reduce risk on your site by increasing the frequency of cleaning high touch surfaces.

Jani-King are experiencing an increase in demand for disinfection services. Temporarily increasing cleaning of high touch points at this time is recommended for all sites.

  • High touch cleaning surfaces such as door handles, bedrails, light switches, kitchen appliances, desks, chairs, telephone handsets, computer screens and keyboards.

Call your local Jani-King Regional Office (see contact numbers at the end of this update) to book your obligation free quote and treatment today.




What is Jani-King doing in response to Covid-19?

Supported by our international brand, Jani-King International Inc, our COVID-19 response taskforce is keeping up to date with all updated cleaning and safe work methods as provided by government agencies and our partner cleaning product suppliers. We are communicating this information to our Franchisees and Contractors with urgency using the following methods:

  • All JSEA’s (Job Safety & Environmental Analysis Sheets) have been updated and communicated to our Franchisees and Contractors to increase PPE and, where required, grade of chemical used for disinfection services
  • Training has been updated and communicated through our online system to ensure our Franchisees and Contractors understand the requirements for cleaning on an infectious site
  • Our Supplier has provided us with training videos we have provided to our Franchisees and Contractors to ensure products used in our disinfection services are used as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Our Franchisees and Contractors generally work in isolated environments, working at night when client workers are not present. This allows them to keep themselves safe through social distancing methods at work. We are also communicating with our franchisees regularly, to ensure government recommendations regarding social distancing are met by our Franchisees and Contractors when they are not in the workplace.
  • All Franchisees, Contractors and their employees will continue to follow advice and self- isolation requirements as required by the Australian government and have been advised to send a replacement cleaner if they feel unwell or display any symptoms of the Coronavirus COVID-19.


Safe Work Cleaning Methods

Through online training, updated JSEA’s and safety alerts, Franchisees, Franchisee Employees, Contractors and internal staff are instructed to:

  • Wear disposable, non-permeable gloves when cleaning
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer before and after putting on gloves
  • Use disinfectant to clean high touch surfaces (such as doorknobs or tables) according to chemical manufacturer instructions
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap after cleaning for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching their mouth or face
  • Wear protective gloves before making any contact with any surface where moisture is present (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, changerooms, etc.)
  • Equipment used on infectious sites will be used on a single site only and not transferred between clients.

All of our procedures and JSEA’s are prepared in line with the guidelines provided by the Australian Government Department of Health. Click here to read the guidelines.


Jani-King Office Staff

We are operating business as usual, however we have made some adjustments to the places we visit and our offices to ensure social distancing and minimisation of risk.

  • All non-essential site visits are currently postponed until further notice with the aim to reduce person-to-person contact.
  • Working from home is an option that is exercised where we can to minimise movement of our staff through the community and to reduce person-to person contact
    We have large office premises in all States and more than meet the requirement for a minimum of 4sqm per person
  • A hand washing station and/or hand santiser is available for all staff and visitors to use regularly
  • Any meeting facilities are disinfected before and after meetings
  • The Jani-King ‘How to wash your hands’ poster is displayed in all amenities
  • The frequency of cleaning of high touch points has been increased
  • All Regional Office staff will continue to follow advice and self-isolation requirements as required by the Australian government and have been instructed to not come to work or attend a client site if they feel unwell or display any symptoms of the Coronavirus COVID-19.


What if a Jani-King Client experiences a site outbreak?

Our response methods continue to evolve based on new information and direction from the Department of Health. Currently, our procedures are:

We will endeavour to assist our Client to schedule the required additional cleans as soon as possible. We are experiencing a high demand for these services and we expect demand to increase significantly over the coming weeks. All clients will be scheduled for additional cleans as soon as possible, however, there may be a waiting list for services. We would like all clients to be assured that we are doing our absolute best to schedule all additional cleaning services as quickly as possible whilst ensuring the highest quality of cleaning is provided for all clients.

Internally, we are tracking all Client outbreaks to ensure that we can respond and protect our Franchisees, Contractors, Internal workers and other clients to ensure any risks of cross contamination are identified and addressed early.

Our COVID-19 taskforce is providing the most up to date advice and support needed and to monitoring any Jani-King network exposure to the virus.

Jani-King Franchisees, Franchisee Employees, Contractors and Jani-King Regional Office staff must NOT attend a client site which has experienced an outbreak unless:

  • They will have NO CONTACT with any client workers/others exposed to the virus
  • They are wearing protective gloves that are in good condition
  • They have adequate supplies and equipment to complete the tasks required on site

All Cleaners will ensure no equipment, PPE or other supplies are shared between a contaminated client site and any other location.


What if Jani-King Personnel test positive to COVID-19?

All Franchisees, Franchisee employees, Contractors and Jani-King Regional Office staff are required to report to the Jani-King Centre office any cases of confirmed Coronavirus COVID-19.

Jani-King will immediately:

Advise the client

  • The cleaner will stop work immediately and contact their medical provider for further testing and medical advice/monitoring
  • Any person who has worked with the infected person or otherwise been in close contact will be required to self-isolate according to government advice
  • All equipment used by the cleaner will be required to be ‘deep cleaned’ prior to using again.

As the number one commercial cleaning franchise, Jani-King will ensure our clients are updated as this pandemic evolves.


Regional Office Contact Numbers:

Should you have any further questions or require a quote on any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact your local office:

ACT: (02) 8851 5200
NEW SOUTH WALES: (02) 8851 5200
NORTHERN TERRITORY: (08) 8941 1125
QUEENSLAND: (07) 3870 9966
SOUTH AUSTRALIA: (08) 8431 7766
TASMANIA: (03) 6270 2270
VICTORIA: (03) 9265 2200
WESTERN AUSTRALIA: (08) 9473 8555

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