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How Jani-King Puts Our Franchisees First

These days, Franchising seems to be getting a lot of negative media attention. Unfortunately, some of the stories you hear are true: there are franchisees who take some legal and financial risks when they start out, and sadly, some of them end up regretting their choice. We know how important it is to put our franchisees first.

We're not like any other frachisor, we make sure to put our franchisees first.

At Jani-King, we have taken steps to ensure that our organization complies with new Australian Government Legislation passed in 2017 that makes purchasing a franchise safer and more secure for our entrepreneurs.  We have always aimed to treat our franchisees fairly and support them every step of the way – we are only as successful as our Franchisees. We put our franchisees first, and it shows.

The Vulnerable Workers Legislation cracks down on unfair practices and helps to protect “vulnerable workers”–specifically, migrant workers and franchisees employees.  Back when this law was passed, we introduced several new processes that assisted both ourselves and our Franchisees to become compliant with the Legislation.  Some of the steps we have taken towards compliance include:

  • Training courses for franchisees to explain the new law and the rights and responsibilities of franchisees
  • An expanded Franchisee Business Review Program that includes an audit of the Franchisee’s pay slip and recordkeeping practices to ensure compliance
  • A newly-appointed Industrial Relations/Human Resources firm to provide Jani-King and its franchisees with services such as a 24-hour hotline, access to relevant agreements and policy templates, and annual desktop audits to assess compliance

It’s important to note that the new laws are not limited to employer/employee relationships but rather extend to anyone working within your business, including subcontractors and family or friends. We are committed to being compliant and helping our franchisees to be compliant with the Vulnerable Workers Legislation as well as all other Fair Work legislation.

Jani-King is deeply appreciative of all its franchisees’ cooperation in the successful transition to a new era of franchising introduced by this law. We believe that it will help to protect everyone involved in franchise relationships and hold accountable those who treat workers unfairly.

If you are considering a franchise with Jani-King, you can be confident that you will have our help and support every step of the way, from training to finding clients to complying with evolving requirements.

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