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Making MCE Quicker & Easier

Jani-King didn’t become the Number 1 cleaning Franchise by just sitting around and letting time pass us by, we always strived to stay ahead of it, making sure we were always improving and keeping our processes current. With technology only getting quicker and easier, it is important to allow technology to also make the lives of our franchisees and clients quicker and easier also.


Our new MCE (Monthly Contact Evaluation) form is a shining of example of how modern technology has allowed us to streamline and improved the process here at Jani-King. Found in the Franchisee Portal on our website and our Franchisee Mobile App, this new form format allows franchisees and their clients to fill out and complete their MCE’s anywhere, anytime. There’s no more need to use email or fax, or re-enter data every time. Your franchisee information and client data is already stored in the system. Plus, your data goes straight into your Maximizer account, saving a huge amount of time, which means making our your job quicker and easier.

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