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Owning a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

In the world of cleaning, profits can be high without a lot of mess involved, provided you know what you’re doing. When thinking of starting a business, most people have their mind on the economy and market, however, when you’re thinking about owning a Commercial Cleaning Franchise, there’s always a silver lining with Jani-King “The King of Clean”.

Regardless of the state of the economy, people will always want their offices, retail stores and showrooms, hotels, cafes, factories, worksites and warehouses, childcare, kindergartens, and schools cleaned by thorough professionals. Owning your own cleaning franchise has enormous advantages. With a Jani-King cleaning franchise you can have an efficient and recognised business in that will benefit both you and the community.

Let’s take a look at the five best advantages of owning a commercial cleaning franchise:

Buying into a Trusted Brand

Newly started businesses can take years before they are able to build a reputation and clientele that allows them to expand rapidly. This is not the case when you buy into a Jani-King Franchise.

Owning a franchise gives you the distinct advantage of being associated with a well-known brand that customers in your region and state have heard of and trust. When you start your Jani-King franchise, customers will be eager to connect with you in their area.

Tested Business Model

A Jani-King franchise is like an instant business with a proven business model.  Our franchise model comes with Policies, Procedures, training manuals and videos of our practices, protocols and systems to follow to ensure a commercial cleaning business with the highest standards of quality.

Better financing

Starting any business can require a lot of capital, this capital is not always at hand and more often than not first-time business owners have to approach their financial institution for financing. When applying for a loan or assistance from your bank, you’ll be pleased to find out that a successful franchise is associated with fewer risks. You are likely to receive more favourable support and finance from your bank when you have a proven and trusted brand like Jani-King backing your dreams.

The Marketing Has Been Done

People trust brands that they’ve heard of, seen and experienced first hand. A favourable commercial cleaning franchise is one that has already been successfully advertised and marketed. When you buy into a Jani-King franchise, you are a part of the existing brand equity that exists. You won’t have to go out in search of new business as much, business will come to you!

Ready support and training

Our commercial cleaning franchise adheres to strict guidelines of service and protocol. It’s what sets us apart and allows us to deliver consistent results. It is for this reason that a cleaning franchise will be supported with training and support team model for all its franchisees.

Jani-King is a pioneer in cleaning franchisees since 1968. With decades of experience and millions of happy customers across the globe, Jani-King invites you to be a part of its business family. To learn more about owning a Commercial Cleaning Franchise with Jani-King and our 25 years as a franchise in Australia, click here.

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