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Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases

As the global community grapples with the emergence of the coronavirus threat, the need to keep surfaces in public spaces clean is growing. Even in areas without confirmed cases, stopping the spread of disease means putting cleanliness first.

Which Cleaning Methods can help Mitigate Risks from the Coronavirus?

There’s good news: even though there is widespread anxiety surrounding the virus, 2019’s coronavirus (COVID-19) itself does not pose any new challenges for disinfecting spaces where contamination is a concern.

As with most viruses, this coronavirus cannot survive for very long outside of a host, and it is part of a sub-class of viruses which break down easily in typical hospital-grade disinfectant solutions. Cleaning spaces to prevent surface transmission of the coronavirus doesn’t require the extremely corrosive and potentially irritating chemical disinfectants that some pathogens demand.

Best Practices are Best for a Reason

Although the new coronavirus exhibits some hardiness on surfaces, it’s no match for a cleaning crew that is following standard guidelines and procedures for cleaning contaminated spaces. With few infections so far in Australia, it is sufficient to rely on safe and proven cleaning agents along with the correct protocols for addressing surface contamination.

Combined with responsible hand hygiene within each space, such as using disinfectant wipes, controlling the spread of infectious diseases is not a scary process.

Jani-King Is Ready and Waiting to Safeguard Your Space

At Jani-King, we’re accustomed to adhering to high standards during cleaning—it’s why our services are trusted by schools, hospitals and many other organisations. We and our trusted cleaning product suppliers, have recognised the need to address increased concerns about cleanliness surrounding COVID-19. Our suppliers have increased the available supply of disinfectants to our teams, leaving us fully equipped and ready to aid our customers.

Contact us today for more information.

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