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Set Your Own Schedule with a Jani-King Franchise

Have you dreamed of being your own boss and enjoying all the perks that come with it? As a Jani-King franchise owner, that’s precisely what you’ll do. One of the best advantages of working for yourself is having the freedom to set your own schedule. As the manager of a cleaning crew , you’ll be able to choose the hours you want to work, leaving the rest free to spend time with your family or pursue whatever interests make you happy. It’s true that business owners tend to work long hours, especially at first as they are getting their operation off the ground, but you’ll still enjoy the flexibility of being able to arrange your schedule how you want it, whether that means working mornings, nights, weekends, or some combination of these. Here are some of the benefits of the flexible schedule you’ll have as a Jani-King franchisee.

Enjoy the freedom to set your own schedule and control when and how much you work.

Ability to meet personal obligations

Your family needs and other responsibilities will no longer go unmet when you have the freedom to set your work hours. You’ll be free to attend your child’s practices or games, work out when you like, be home when the carpet installers arrive, and so on.

Save time and money commuting

Many people spend an hour a day or more commuting to and from work. When you set your own schedule, you can arrange it conveniently for you and in a way, that saves as much time and fuel costs as possible. You also have the freedom to avoid rush hour traffic if you’d like, making all the driving you’ll do much less stressful.

Avoid overload

As your own boss, you’ll be able to accept as much or as little work as you like, meaning that you’ll be much less likely to experience burnout.

Spend less on childcare

If you and your partner have children and work similar schedules, the chances are that you spend a small fortune on childcare. When you work for yourself, you’re free to work on different schedules to decrease or eliminate the cost of sitters or daycare.

Feel more in control of your life

Having the freedom to work when you want and control over your employment can give your entrepreneurial spirit – and your confidence – a boost. You don’t have to wait for other people to dictate how and when you spend your time; become a Jani-King franchisee and decide for yourself how to live and work.

Set Your Own Schedule with Jani-King

There’s never been a better time to build your own cleaning business and start providing professional cleaning services to the companies in your area, including those in the healthcare, hospitality, education, childcare, and retail industries – and many more. Enjoy the freedom to set your schedule and control when and how much you work; contact Jani-King today.

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