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Staff Inductions – Safety Manager

Dear Jani-King Franchisees,

Please note this is a reminder that the Staff Induction form in Safety Manager must be completed to obtain Security IDs. This replaces the old method of completing the request for ID form.

Security IDs is a requirement for all Jani-King Employees, Franchise Owners and Employees of Franchise Owners to wear whilst present on any cleaning site.

Please also note that the Jani-King Regional Office no longer requires Franchise Owners to provide a copy of the police clearance for their employees to obtain Security IDs.

However, it is best to upload a copy into your Safety Manager. Franchise Owners are still required to provide a copy of their own police clearances.

Therefore, it is important to send the below copies to your local Jani-King Regional Office to obtain your Security IDs:

For Franchise Owners

  • Completed and signed staff induction form
  • A scan or copy of a Police Clearance
  • A Photo (eg Licence or Photo ID Card)

For Employee of Franchise Owners

  • Completed and signed staff induction form
  • A Photo (eg Licence or Photo ID Card)
  • A Workers’ Compensation Insurance Certificate

Take some time to view the video on Instructions on how to record staff inductions in the new version, click here to read the list.

If you require any further information or assistance with how to complete the new staff induction, please contact your local Jani-King Regional Office.

Staff Induction Steps

  1. Go to the Jani-King Safety Manager webpage.
    Click here to go to Safety Manager
  2. Login using your username and password
  3. Select ‘Go to My OHS Resources’
  4. Select ‘Staff Inductions’ and in the new screen that appears, click ‘Create New Induction’
  5. Complete all details in the form, answering Yes, No or N/A (Not Applicable) making sure to enter relevant comments where actions are needed. Please Note: Where you have answered ‘No’, this automatically creates a ‘Task’. The created ‘Tasks’ can be completed and closed off in the ‘Tasks/Risk Assessments’ folder in the ‘Go to My OHS Resources’ main menu screen.
  6. Select ‘Save induction’. The screen shows the staff inductions completed which you can then Update, View and Print.
  7. IMPORTANT: Using your email, send print copies of the Staff Induction, Police Clearance (For Franchise Owners only), Photo and Workers Compensation Certificate (if Employee of Franchise Owner) to your local Jani-King Regional Office to process the Photo Security ID Card.


Jani-King Safety Manager
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