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Washroom Services

Your washroom plays a surprisingly important role in the impression you leave on your customers. People increasingly seek a quality washroom experience as part of a satisfying customer experience with any business. At Jani-King, we offer a range of quality washroom products and services to provide you with a new standard in washroom care and waste management.

Our washroom solutions provide a modern hygiene service designed to enhance and improve the washroom experience for your customers and employees, including soap dispensing services, sanitary bin systems, toilet seat treatments, air fresheners, and hand dryers. Our services meet strict codes of practice so you get properly managed and maintained washroom services at every visit.

Clean washrooms are vital to the success of your business. Here are a few reasons it’s essential to keep the washrooms in your business up to par.

Reduce the spread of germs

Having your washroom cleaned regularly can minimise the risk of spreading harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illness in your customers or staff. Cleaning tools can become contaminated, so it’s important to use a professional service with workers who have been specially trained in safe washroom cleaning practices. Keeping your washroom properly clean can prevent the spread of diseases such as norovirus, influenza, and MRSA.

Show you value your employees

You know you need clean washrooms to make your customers happy, but clean washrooms also demonstrate that you care about your facility and the people who work there. Your employees want to work in a clean, safe environment, and your washroom plays a huge role in how they perceive the cleanliness of the property. At the same time, clean washrooms make an excellent impression on your customers, showing them, you are organised and professional and care about their experience with your brand.

Protect your sinks, toilets, and floors

When your washroom isn’t properly and regularly maintained, it can become much more difficult to clean because dirt and stains build up quickly. You can avoid problems such as rust stains and mould in your facility by using a professional washroom service. We use products that work well on soft and hard surfaces, removing dirt, germs, stains, and odours and helping to protect your washroom while keeping it sparkling clean for all your guests and staff members.

To ensure that your washrooms stay clean and hygienic day after day, let Jani-King help. We are committed to helping reflect your brand’s regard for the safety and health of your customers and employees, keeping the areas they frequent looking their best. We’ll be happy to provide you with an obligation-free consultation in which we evaluate your needs and recommend the service package that suits them best.

Our custom services include general washroom service, odour control, feminine hygiene management, hand hygiene, and more. Ask us about our convenient service and supply options today and leave your washroom service to us. This trusted service is just one more thing that makes us The King of Clean!

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