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The Best Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane

Our Brisbane team has the right skills, attributes and attitude to ensure the satisfaction customers expect. We achieve a spotless, hygienic clean that sets the industry benchmark. That’s why Jani-King QLD is known as the “The King of Clean”, providing the best Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane.

It starts with what you expect from your commercial cleaning service. When you can see it’s clean, it’s clean. But the real value is in what you can’t see; it’s in professional cleaning solutions for Offices, Education and Childcare, Retail, Healthcare, Industrial and Hospitality that kills germs and creates a safe, healthy environment.

Value is also in the money you save through Jani-King Brisbane’s unique business processes, state-of-the-art technology and world-class techniques. It’s also in the time you save through our company’s efficient communication and accounts systems, as well as our ongoing QA inspections and 24/7 support for clients and cleaning franchises.

Why choose Jani-King Brisbane?

Our Brisbane team, including our Regional Manager, Admin Staff, Support Staff and Franchisees, are ready to create personable relations with our clients – Because no two businesses are the same, we provide a comprehensive, fully tailored cleaning solution for every client we service.

Jani-King Brisbane is committed to providing all its clients with safe and responsible cleaning services. Our commercial cleaners use the most technologically advanced products, equipment, techniques and systems.

Jani-King Brisbane offers a complete cleaning service, which begins with a meeting where one of our Business Development Managers takes the time to understand the job and the budget you have in mind.

Cleaning Contracts with a Difference

Jani-King Brisbane provides cleaning services to a range of industries, including Offices, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Industrial and Hospitality. Because no two businesses are the same, we provide a comprehensive, fully tailored cleaning solution for every client we service.

Companies are continually searching for ways to both cut costs and experience a more professional clean. Outsourcing cleaning has become the norm in operations that understand the benefits of a good commercial cleaning contractor.

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Jani-King Brisbane

Suite 1 Level 1 349 Coronation Drive
Milton, 4064, QLD, Australia

P: 1300 364 694


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