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All Australians have succeeded in following the restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID 19. Jani-King are proud to have been part of this success. Assisting Australian businesses (who needed to stay at work) with regular disinfecting services as well as Pandemic Cleans when there were confirmed or suspected outbreaks in workplaces.

Now Australians are starting to think about reopening their businesses. Jani-King can assist in making the return to work one where staff feel safe and return to normal working practises easier. How will we do this?

Jani-King's "Return to Work Package"

The "Return to Work Package" is carried out prior to the return of staff, offering:

  • A deep clean of the client premises
  • Workplace high touch points Disinfected
  • Workplace Deodorised
  • Installation of hand sanitisers as per worksafe requirements
  • Desk wipes made available on workstations for sanitising of high touch points (eg: phones, mouse, keyboard and desk) by individual staff within their workstations throughout the day
  • Hand washing signs displayed in bathrooms
  • Welcome back letter placed on every staff desk - informing staff of the disinfect clean that has been carried out at their workstation and shared areas
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