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The Ultimate Return to Work Checklist for Cleaning & Disinfecting

Before you get back to business, have you thought about how to open and the condition of your building? Many buildings have been shuttered for weeks, leaving you with quite a to-do list. To help, we have created this handy checklist that covers important and often forgotten items.

  • Do you have a plan in place to move from aesthetic cleaning to a disinfecting cleaning process?
  • Do you have a reliable source for hand sanitizer, toilet paper and masks?
  • Can your current cleaning company provide technical disinfecting services, fogging, electrostatic spraying or hand disinfecting using technical wipes and registered hospital disinfectants?
  • Ensure that all high-touch areas have a plan for continuously being cleaned and disinfected.
  • Does your current cleaning and disinfecting program meet the demand of your daily occupancy?
  • Are you aware of what equipment is being brought into your facility? Was it used in other facilities? If it was, was it disinfected prior to entering your facility?
  • How will the organization communicate changes or needs for technical disinfecting with the cleaning service provider?
  • What is the current response time to respond to immediate needs to make sure your facility stays open?
  • Is the current cleaning company following CDC guidelines for reopening facility protocols?
  • Have you set an appointment to meet with a Jani-King environmental consultant on how we can assist you in getting your facility ready?
  • Will your employees feel safe?
  • Will your customers feel safe?


  • Confirm employee health and readiness to return to work.
  • Has the current cleaning schedule been updated to include disinfecting of high touch areas?
  • Prior to opening, do a baseline technical disinfecting.
  • Clean the exterior of the building (sidewalks, handrails, floor mats, and parking lots).
  • Educate employees/customers on social distancing, hand-washing, and other safety policies.
  • Plan for continuous disinfecting services.

During the shut down, Jani-King has been on the front-line of COVID-19, assisting with keeping critical businesses open.
Contact Jani-King on 1300 364 694 to learn more. 

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