What Type of Cleaning Businesses Exist?

When it comes to cleaning services, you’d be surprised at how diverse the market is. From general cleaning services to an ever-growing niche collection of specialised cleaning services, the opportunities in this industry are more varied than ever before. Below are the most common types of cleaning businesses in the current marketplace. 

Commercial Cleaning Services 

Commercial cleaning takes it up a notch with spaces ranging from offices, schools, community buildings and more. This type of cleaning service typically has a larger staff complement with a more complicated operational structure. In many cases, cleaning may need to occur outside of typical working hours and the equipment required is more intensive than household cleaning. 

Commercial cleaning extends beyond offices and schools into much larger scale areas such as shopping centres and then, of course, one cannot forget the hospitality industry. 

There are also specialised commercial cleaning elements which could see services branching out into specialised spaces that need rigorous cleaning protocols like hospitals, care homes and aged care. In spaces like this, it is imperative that hygiene and general cleanliness are carefully managed. 

This market is highly competitive, but it is also significantly more lucrative in terms of profit. For commercial cleaning services, it pays to have a well-known and well-respected name. Commercial cleaning is where the Jani-King brand truly comes to life. As a well-respected and established player in the commercial cleaning game, the trust that our business has built with many large-scale landlords and property managers over the years affords our new franchisees the opportunity to engage in large-scale contracts from the get-go. With the support and know-how from the Jani-King team, we can back you up to deliver on those contracts. 

Deep Cleaning / Sanitisation and Disinfection

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in recent years there has been an unprecedented boom in the disinfection and sanitisation cleaning services industry. This industry caters to the residential and commercial markets, but the expected revenue is much higher in the commercial cleaning space. 

With people looking to get back into the office and an emphasis on big business to make people feel safe in their offices, malls and other indoor high foot traffic environments, sanitisation and deep cleaning are something that businesses are heavily investing in. 

Green Cleaning Services 

Another more recent niche cleaning service is the emergence of green cleaning services that put an emphasis on providing cleaning services that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Supporting green cleaning services can help businesses reflect the ideals of their clients and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility. This specialised service can be costly to start as, typically, eco-friendly products tend to be quite a lot more costly. 

Specialist cleaning or facility services

There is also a collection of more specialist services who manage projects that may not be your run-of-the-mill job. These services are considered to be more facility management in nature, but many commercial cleaning businesses like Jani-King include these services for clients that not only need cleaning but also need other more maintenance-based services as well. This allows for one call to one company that can cover all of the facility’s needs on one invoice. These services include things like graffiti removal, pest control, waste management, building maintenance, parking lot sweeping, landscaping, garden maintenance and more. 

All of the above-mentioned cleaning businesses require substantial investment in training, equipment and supplies. As someone who may be new to the cleaning industry or wanting to start their first business, the idea of this investment may seem very risky with the market being relatively competitive overall. This is why choosing a franchise option within a well-known and trusted  household name like Jani-King is certainly worth considering. With dedicated business support from the Jani-King team as well as assistance in training, finding contracts and general management, there is no easier way to ensure the success of a new business. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about our franchise options, please contact us today on 1800 161 336 or visit our website.

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