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Build a Successful Cleaning Franchise

Since pioneering the cleaning business franchise concept in 1969, Jani-King has become a multi award winning company, recognised as the World’s leading Cleaning Franchise Company.

Jani-King attributes its success to the idea that owner-operators deliver the very best service because they have a personal stake in their business. We’ve been backing successful commercial cleaning franchises for over 50 years.

Demand for cleaning services continues to expand. The cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy and Jani-King has cleaning franchise opportunities across the country.

Now is the perfect time to build your own cleaning franchise and provide professional cleaning for Offices, Education and Childcare, Retail, Healthcare, Industrial and Hospitality. We believe every person can fulfil the dream of owning a business and achieve financial independence.

If you have the driving desire, we have the business model to help you achieve your goals. Jani-King provides initial and ongoing training, as well as business and operational support. No prior commercial or business experience is necessary to join our team and own a successful cleaning business franchise.

Jani-King makes it possible to have a future where you are in business for yourself, not in business by yourself.

Learn more about becoming your own boss.

Building a successful cleaning franchise, find out everything you need to know about this unique opportunity. Find out more about training, operational, sales and administration support.

Have a dedicated Business Manager to answer all your questions.

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Franchisee Testimonials

Since becoming a franchisee in 2016, Jani-King has helped me in achieving my financial goals. Alongside providing high-quality training programs, Jani-King recognises the importance of franchisees’ overall development and has thus provided valuable oppo rtunities for me to enhance my skills in business operation.

With an extensive 28 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, Jani-King has an established reputation for offering high-quality services to its customers and for providing myself and other franchisees with timely assistance and advice. It’s corporate culture is truly astounding, as characterised by the support, respect and open channels of communication shared amongst its staff.

Jie (Jack)

Jani King has assisted me to start and grow my own business in 2012. We had a full of nine years of success together. This really has motivated me, and I know that the growth potential with Jani King is unlimited. The team’s experience offers a wealth of knowledge and skills to the franchisees.

Jani King is a company dedicated to superior customer service and this focus is apparent at all levels. They have lived up to every commitment made. The commercial cleaning business is not glamorous, but it has great opportunities for the entrepreneur who is willing to commit and work. Jani-King is an outstanding partner. I highly recommend them to everyone.


We were looking to own our business for a long time but we were confused what Business we should go for. After long research we decided to join Jani-King (Victoria) and we became a Jani-King franchisee at the end of 2018 . We started with one contract and now we own 6 contracts in under one year and more to come.

To be successful in any Business the key thing is communication and we have always been good with communication with our clients. Every month meeting our clients and solving any issue they have with our cleaning. That is why all my clients love our work.

Miriam and Khalid

Become a Franchisee

As the world’s largest Cleaning Franchise Company, Jani-King incorporates around 600 cleaning businesses across Australia, and over 9,000 globally. Our Franchisees operate under a global brand that is synonymous with quality, professionalism and success. By providing our Franchisees with the resources, mentoring and support to succeed, they have everything it takes to build a successful cleaning business.

Benefits of Becoming a Jani-King Franchisee

Here are some exciting benefits when you become a Jani King franchisee:

  • Be your own boss – working for yourself, not by yourself
  • Enjoy a flexible working schedule
  • Directly benefit from our expertise in marketing and sales
  • Guaranteed work and franchise business income
  • Receive comprehensive training and operational support
  • Strong company relationships that encourage business owner growth
  • Established, trusted brand name with excellent reputation

Jani King’s commercial cleaning franchise will introduce you to a world of business excellence and significant opportunities. Cleaning Franchisees receive comprehensive training and support from our Corporate Team, including assistance with marketing, administration, and account management. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in operating and building a successful business for our franchisees, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

What Do You Need to Join the Jani-King Franchise Team?

At Jani-King, franchise opportunities are open to individuals with no prior business or commercial cleaning experience. However, having these qualities will help you greatly in your franchisee journey:

  • Willingness to assist, develop and grow the entire system for your benefit and your customer’s benefit.
  • Capacity and determination to work hard and honestly.
  • Motivation and dedication to drive your business to the next level, growing with the system to expand your operations.
  • Financial capacity to invest in the franchise and fund the start-up period.

Jani-King also makes the transition to self-employment easy by supporting Cleaning Franchisees who wish to maintain their current job as they build they business, transiting from part-time to full-time.

As the most trusted name in commercial cleaning, Jani-King services some of Australia’s largest companies. Our diverse customer-base means Cleaning Franchises service a range of industries, as well as participate in the multi-site cleaning service our company provides National Accounts.

Join the winning team and become your own boss. Jani-King has franchise opportunities available right around Australia.

Contact us to discuss how to build your own Commercial Cleaning Franchise with Jani-King.

Jani-King’s global success rolls into the Australian markets.

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