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Cleaning Offices for Corporate Businesses & Government

Jani-King Professional Office Cleaners for Businesses & GovernmentArriving at a spotlessly clean office is as important for your office team as it is for your customers. Is your office making the best first impression possible? Are employees feeling safe, comfortable and confident that they’re working in a hygienic environment?

With research showing that office workspaces can have more than 400 times the number of germs than toilets, you’ll want to ensure that your entire office is hygienically cleaned.

Jani-King Australia’s professional office cleaners ensure a spotless clean throughout, including workspaces, conference rooms, lobbies, reception, lunchrooms, break rooms, restrooms and windows.

Give your employees, customers and shareholders a reason to be proud and confident in your business. A clean office environment encourages greater productivity and less distraction.  It also shows that your company has attention to detail and cares about its image.

Our company prides itself on its values of sustainability and responsible practices. With many of our clients demanding office cleaning that reduces their environmental footprint, we have responded with green cleaning options. By using less cleaning chemicals, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and turning to more advanced technology, including equipment and techniques, Jani-King is leading the way in environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.

Every one of our clients receives the red-carpet service, with each commercial cleaning solution carefully tailored to fit their expectations, suit the job and meet budget requirements. Customer service begins the second we pick up the phone. Our Consultants can assist with all your queries and schedule a free consultation with one of Jani-King’s Business Development Managers.

Whether you have a single office location or multi-site operation, you can trust your office keys to the company that cares.

The team assigned to undertake your office cleaning is comprehensively trained to Jani-King’s high standards. They are also comprehensively insured, giving you the confidence that Jani-King Franchisees and operations personnel are completely covered.

We conduct regular, ongoing QA inspections, provide 24/7 operational support and have the most professional systems in administration, operations, training and safety. Seamless communications and accounts processes keep everything running smoothly and guarantee that our office cleaning clients are 100% satisfied.

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