A Guide to Choosing a Provider for Medical Practice Cleaning

Modern operating room with surgical equipment

Walking into a clean and welcoming medical practice fills a patient with a sense of comfort and trust in their healthcare provider. More than that, a sanitised practice prioritises the health of patients, visitors and staff as well as ensuring that the facility meets health department codes and government regulations. Not all janitorial services are equipped to handle the specific requirements of a commercial healthcare clean or tackle a challenging environment so it is important to know what to look for in a provider before choosing your cleaning partner. These are some of the capabilities that a prospective commercial health cleaner should have. 

Best practice cleaning procedures 

Medical practices are required by law to maintain a high standard of hygiene because bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are rife. They can easily contaminate shared spaces and compromise the health and safety of people who work within ord use the facilities. Patients and people visiting a medical clinic are already vulnerable to the spread of infection or potentially unwell, so it’s critical that effective cleaning regimes are in place for areas such as waiting rooms, reception desks, laboratories and consultation rooms, among others. 

A potential cleaning service must understand and follow protocols of disinfecting and sanitising to minimise cross-contamination of pathogens between the equipment and different rooms in the clinic. Cleaning equipment should be well sanitised before reusing and gloves and face masks should be disposed of after use. 

Having best practice cleaning procedures also means keeping up with industry changes and improvements in technology, equipment, chemicals and supplies. Regularly reviewing cleaning and disinfecting processes will ensure that standards and obligations are met or exceeded.


Ensuring that a commercial health cleaner has plenty of experience and that they fully understand the importance of thorough disinfection will help maintain stringent standards of hygiene. It’s also vital that cleaners are experienced in handling hazardous cleaning chemicals and working around hazardous medical supplies and instruments. Assuring the wellbeing and safety of all persons in the facility is of utmost importance and having a team who are confident in what they’re doing and have years on the job is a great indicator of effectiveness. 

Good communication skills 

Communication between the cleaning service and the client should always be at the forefront of any relationship so that a better cleaning result can be achieved. The cleaner should take care to treat a client with respect and kindness and any concerns, no matter the size, should be addressed quickly. While a professional cleaner who specialises in healthcare facilities should know how to clean and sanitise both clinical and non-clinical areas of a practice, it’s important to discuss the expectations of the cleaner ahead of the session to ensure the desired outcome is achieved each time. 

Choosing Jani-King

We use our years of experience, proven cleaning methods and contemporary equipment to deliver a spotless and hygienic clean throughout any medical facility. Our expertise and knowledge of government regulations, along with our exceptional communication, make us the perfect choice as a commercial healthcare cleaner. 

If you would like more information about our medical practice cleaning services or would like to know why we’re the best in the business, please get in touch  Contact Us | Jani-King Australia | Office Cleaning (janiking.com.au).

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