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All of your strata cleaning needs are met by a team of professional cleaners. We specialise in commercial cleaning services for strata buildings.


Experience where it matters

There’s a reason we’re known as Australia’s King of Clean. We’ve been operating across Australia for over 30 years. The Jani-King name is synonymous with reliability, quality, and customer care.

Entry of a strata building after professional cleaning

Why choose Jani-King?

No matter the size of your strata building, we’ve got the experience to deliver exceptional cleaning services tailored to meet your needs. Our commercial cleaners ensure your common areas remain spotless and inviting for your residents, making Jani-King the preferred choice for strata cleaning services across Australia. Here’s why:

  • Trained and professional cleaning staff
  • Customised cleaning plans to suit your needs
  • State-of-the-art cleaning equipment
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Independently certified to meet ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 45001 Workplace Health & Safety, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards


Our services

Having a clean and tidy common area is an essential part of making someone feel at home. Our commercial cleaners offer the following services to strata buildings:

  • Regular common area cleaning
    • Thorough dusting and polishing for a pristine appearance
    • Meticulous sanitation to ensure a fresh and inviting atmosphere
    • Immaculate upkeep to create a welcoming environment
  • Overall Foyer Maintenance
    • Ongoing care to preserve the beauty of all surfaces, ensuring a well-maintained and attractive entrance.
    • Regular grooming of the foyer floors, glass, signages, door knobs, light fixtures, etc. to maintain a soft and luxurious texture.
  • Staircase Cleaning
    • Thorough cleaning of stair treads and risers to remove dirt and debris.
    • Special attention to handrails and balusters for a pristine and well-maintained staircase which also ensures safety to all residents.
  • Elevator and Lift Cleaning
    • Interior and exterior cleaning to maintain a hygienic and polished appearance.
    • Attention to control panels, buttons, and surfaces for a clean and inviting elevator environment.
  • Carpet cleaning
    • Deep steam cleaning for a revitalised and plush feel
    • Stain removal with precision for a spotless carpet
    • Regular grooming to maintain a soft and luxurious texture
  • Glass cleaning
    • Crystal-clear glass cleaning for a gleaming, streak-free finish
    • A welcoming environment with sunlit windows
  • Hard floor maintenance
    • Striking shine through professional floor buffing
    • Expert polishing for a glossy and sophisticated look
    • Ongoing care to preserve the beauty of hard surfaces


Our strata cleaning services work by understanding the unique requirements of each strata complex to provide a tailored and comprehensive commercial cleaning plan.


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