Diversity at Jani-King

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At Jani-King we are truly committed to creating a diverse and supportive work environment for all. The core of our business is based on offering a service and thus the people who are part of the Jani-King team are our most valuable asset and primary focus. 

Jani-King has always been a supporter of equal opportunity employment in all of our locations, and Australia is no different. In an effort to promote diversity throughout our franchises in Australia, we have worked alongside organisations like Saltbush Social Enterprises to help us reach our goals when it comes to offering employment opportunities to the previously disadvantaged. 

At Jani-King, we are committed to recruiting, mentoring and retaining Indigenous workers. We are proud to be one of Saltbush’s most valued employers over the last year and we endeavour to continue to offer some of the most disadvantaged Indigenous participants a chance to secure gainful employment. 

Saltbush Social Enterprises is a Tailored Employment Assistance provider and they do excellent work in the social sector. Their Mentors were kind enough to work alongside our team at the Jani-King Group to help us understand the unique struggles of the people they represent. This has allowed us to better understand how we can make an impact on disadvantaged communities. We are committed to closing the gap and creating long-lasting change for those that are truly disadvantaged through employment opportunities that allow for people to gain workplace experience, build some financial independence and be in a position to help support their families better.  

“Working with likeminded employers like Jani-King helps our participants move up the continuum into sustainable employment” – Tracy Kerr, Saltbish Social Enterprises

A large proportion of our team are Indigenous females who have in the past been some of the most profoundly impacted by the employment gap. 

We look forward to continuing our work with Saltbush Social Enterprises and are committed to continued recruitment, development and upliftment of a fully diverse workforce. 

If you have an interest in working with us at Jani-King or are interested in starting a franchise that can make a difference through empowering others through employment opportunities, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us.

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