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Waste Management

You may not have spent much time thinking about waste management, but if you run a business, it’s time to take it seriously. It’s essential that you dispose of all waste properly. Hiring a professional service to handle this task for you will save you time and money in the long run and ensure that the job is done right. Here are a few of the benefits professional waste management services offer.

Keep your facility clean

No matter what type of waste your business generates, it will eventually make a mess. Cleaning out refuse is especially important when you’re dealing with food, but any waste will take up valuable space and keep your area cluttered and dirty. Even having waste sitting around in an outdoor receptacle can lead to unpleasant odours and pests.

Prevent the spread of disease

Most waste will eventually start to grow bacteria or mould, leading to the potential for illness. From colds and allergies to respiratory disease and skin reactions, there are many ways waste can make you sick if you don’t dispose of it correctly.

Support the environment

Trying to dispose of waste yourself – and doing it improperly – can be harmful to our fragile environment. Burning, flushing, or storing waste can cause severe damage to the air or water, and all these can be toxic to both humans and wildlife.

Keep your property looking its best

If you have waste sitting around such as unused cars, furniture, or appliances, your property doesn’t look as good as it could. This kind of mess can decrease your property value or deter potential customers away from your business, not to mention upset your neighbours.

Avoid Fines

Waste disposal laws are stricter than ever, and home and business owners who do it wrong face hefty fines. Whether you let your waste pile up or dispose of it incorrectly, you could be subject to unnecessary expenses. It’s much faster, easier, cheaper, and safer to hire a professional waste management company to handle the task for you.

How we help our clients and the environment

As part of Jani-Kings’ Commercial Cleaning Solution, when you let Jani-King handle your waste management needs in conjunction with our cleaning program, you’ll be choosing a comprehensive waste management solution including general waste, food, and organic waste, commingled waste such as plastic containers, bottles, and cans, paper and cardboard, and e-waste. Through our trusted partners, we’ll remove any waste from your property and dispose of it to a Materials Recovery Facility, where they sort it into categories such as paper and cardboard, glass, steel, and plastics. We recycle whenever possible; for example, reusing cardboard and paper waste in the pulping process to reproduce recyclable paper and cardboard. When it comes to food waste recycling, we aim to “close the loop” by using a dry decomposer, which dries food waste, reducing the volume of the waste and consequently the associated costs. This method is environmentally friendly and minimises greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the decomposed product is a fertiliser that can then be placed directly onto local plants. With efficient processes and a focus on minimising our ecological footprint, we work to reduce landfill waste while providing excellent waste management services to all our clients.

Waste Management through Jani-King

Proper waste disposal is easy when you work with Jani-King. Stop letting junk accumulate or disposing of it in unethical and inefficient ways – let us help. We are more than just a commercial cleaning company; we also provide services to your clients from other third-party providers, including trusted waste management companies. With a support office in each state and 650+ franchisees, Jani-King is the the Number 1 commercial cleaning franchisor in Australia and the World. We pride ourselves to delivering superior cleaning services to every client in all industries and small or large businesses. Our unique business model has given hundreds of people the opportunity to become their own boss and their customers access to the top-notch services they need. That’s what has kept us on top as “The King of Clean” for over 40 years. If you’re interested in our waste disposal services as part of our commercial cleaning service solution, or becoming a franchisee, give us a call on 1300 364 694 and speak with a friendly team member for the information you need.

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